as taught by me ;-)

Tricks that you do not have to have the talent of Gatto or the practice habits of Rastelli.

The trick "Color Flash" is animated. Hover the mouse over the link to see the trick.

Split start:
Starting with two rings in your dominant hand, turn so that the rings are parallel to your shoulders. Throw across your body maintaining contact with the near ring as long as possible to split the rings.
Flat to audience/reverse:
Start with an overthrow (tennis) and build to solids (every throw). Work very hard on making all throws parallel. Mid airs will disappear.
Turn your hand in parallel to your body, dip the ring down then throw over the other arm.
Carry a ring to the left and/or the right under the other arm and throw at 90° to the other rings.
Quarter turn:
Throw a dip closer to your chest, turn your body to catch the ring back in the normal pattern. May also be done using an overthrow.
Turn a ring 90°, place it on your chin, knee, arm, or around your neck and continue by taking the ring with the other hand.
Color Change (two ways):
a.) Rotate your hand inwards to catch the bottom of the ring, palm up, rotate the hand back, and throw.
b.) Reach up, sticking your hand through the ring, to catch the top of the ring. Gripping the ring lightly, pull your hand back to the throwing position and the ring will reverse. If you exaggerate this motion it looks especially nice. (becomes chops)
Color Flash: doubleflash (75K)
(or Double Color Change) Reach up, thumb pointed down, catching the ring between the pointer and middle finger. Roll the ring with the middle finger around the pointer finger (first color change), re-grip with the thumb while rotating your hand back to thumbs up position to complete the rotation (second color change). The ring makes a 360° rotation giving a momentary flash of the other color to the audience.
Catch the ring and, instead of handing the ring across, turn the ring parallel to your body. You do not have to reach as far and you get a color change.
Spin a ring on a ring:
Use your wrist snap to spin the ring. Pinch the ring between your thumb and forefinger for maximum spin. Throw only a few inches higher than the catching ring.
Spin Start:
Using the same technique throw the rings forwards about 6 feet - the backspin will bring them back to you with enough separation to start juggling.
Back Cross:
Reach well back. The lower arm should be parallel with the floor at release. Use plenty of wrist snap - the spin stabilizes the ring.
Shoulder Throw:
Catch with your index finger straight along the ring. Pull the ring straight down, back, and straight up, flipping your wrist to create spin and go forward over your shoulder.
Two-in-one-hand must be solid with either hand. Throw one up the center; carry to both sides, crossing two (flat to the audience).
Flash and half-turn/pirouette:
Think of throwing three fast and narrow for a pirouette or fast, narrow, and back for a half-turn.
Catch with the middle two fingers and thumb; flip the wrist forward and down to start the ring turning around the two fingers. The fingers are now bent, parallel to your shoulders, and the thumb has released.
Overhead with one hand:
Bring the ring back past your ear with your elbow pointed at the ceiling and throw with the upper arm and wrist for spin. Style points: the rings should be in a plane and in a half-shower.
Very difficult to do properly and look awful when not done properly. Start with heavy rings. Tape two together if nothing else. The rings should pivot on the index and pinkie fingers. The fingers need to be spread fully. Allow no contact of the ring with the two middle fingers. Use light pressure with the thumb. Take this in small doses, as it can be very frustrating.

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