The Kimplings put on a balled display of juggling, sharing and caring.

Terry and Kaye Kimpling are

and thoroughly enjoy teaching.

  1. They have been married for over 57 years, are "Still Having a Ball", and they will help your group have one too!
  2. This site has been converted solely to teaching, either through workshops or self taught.
  3. They are doing a lot of teaching and have had great success with that.
  4. All you have to furnish is a place to teach. They even have their own professional quality sound system.
  5. There are class write-ups for learning to juggle, balance (from basic to advanced), and Origami.
  6. All of these skills contribute greatly to any athletic activity.
  7. Learning of all types (music in particular) is enhanced by learning to juggle.
  8. Plans are available to construct stilts, rola bola, and juggling balls.
  9. There is even a fun video of a headstand basketball shot.

"I would highly recommend your presentation. Most definitely a purely enjoyable treat for anyone anytime." ~ Tuscola Public Library

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