Fold a Heart from a New Dollar Bill.

Workshops are available to teach juggling, balance, ball spinning, stilt walking, and (of course) Origami. These skills are much more easily learned with a "hands on" instructor.

Unfolded Heart Bill
Unfolded the bill will look like this.

All Origami requires very accurate, creased folds. You might want to print and use the above image to learn the figure. The portrait on the dollar bill should be face up to start.

  1. If you get stuck on the figure - sleep on it and try again tomorrow.
  2. Fold the bill in half vertically, unfold. Fold the bill in half horizontally, unfold.
  3. Fold the top right of the bill down to the vertical centerline. The red arrow on the edge will lie on the red arrow in the center of the bill.
  4. Do not fold the red lines past the horizontal line. See the photo below - you are forming half of the tip of the heart.
  5. Form the other three red lines (45° off vert.) in the same way, unfolding as you go.
  6. (To learn the figure you may wish to skip the next step - the heart will not reverse, but will be easier to make.)
  7. The purple lines (22.5° off vert.) result from folding the red lines to the vertical center (like the red ones were formed), unfold. For best results, fold these from the opposite side of the bill.
  8. The bill should now look exactly like the picture without either the blue or the green lines.
  9. Fold the left end of the bill to the point (<) of the red folds. This yields the blue line - repeat for the right. These stay folded.
  10. Turn the bill over. Refold the horizontal line from the folded ends of the bill to the red lines, pulling the ends together.
  11. Reverse fold the rest of the horizontal line. (see picture right - the red lines form a pair of points) Heart almost complete (formed and show upside down)
  12. Round the heart by folding the green lines (45°).
  13. Fold and unfold these lines, then reverse fold the extra material into the "ears".
  14. Looking at the front or the back you should not see the folded portions. (See the pictures on the Origami page.)
  15. The outer edge of the "ears" will look like two layers - the inner like four.
  16. You can lock the four layers together by reverse folding two layers, inserting the other two into the first two layers.
  17. To reverse the figure hold the heart by the "ears" or lobes, pull out and down.
  18. The first few times you may need to press down on the horizontal line in the bill.
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Revised Feb 2009 - Thanks Timothy!

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