Rola Bola skills FAQ

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FAQ ~ Refer to this section after you have tried to rola bola.

The board did not stop. It went faster! You did not get or keep your weight on the correct foot. You must commit completely to this move or the board can achieve escape velocity!
The board keeps twisting on the roller, why? You are rotating your hips. The less mass moving the more stable you become.
Once you start drifting to one side, you cannot stop. You must take all your weight briefly off of the side you are drifting towards. If you do this, you will move back to the center.
Over confidence
Very serious injury will occur when you get over confident. Goof-up in haste - repent at leisure.
resists movement of the roller (slower = easier - right?). Unfortunately, when it finally yields to the imbalance it "jumps" minimizing the feedback.
Roller Size
the larger roller reacts more slowly and is less affected by any irregularities in the roller, board, and floor. It is more difficult to mount a rola bola with a larger roller.
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