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Rola-Bola Jump Mount

Refer to the pictures to better understand the process.

This trick should not be attempted until you are fairly competent on the rola-bola.

Step 1

Jump mount step 1, hands on spotter

Stand with your feet the shoulder width apart, finger tips on the spotters shoulders, and your toes just behind (NOT under) the board. Jump up and land coming straight down (not going forwards). Look your feet all the way on to the board - do not look up until contact is made. Do not let go of the support until you are comfortable.

Using this same process you can learn to jump and spin 180° or 360° without rotating the board.

A good first step (especially if learning without a spotter) is to set just the board on a fairly slick surface (like tile) and jump, landing without making the board move. Another effective method is jumping up a step, landing with equal weight on both feet.

Step 2

Jump mount step 2, hands free, standing erect

Step 2 is virtually the same except that you are not touching the spotter. You are standing erect, knees bent, arms out ready to grab for dear life. Do not proceed to step 3 until you can complete this twice in a row without touching the spotter. (Do not worry about landing on the spotter′s fingers, they will be able to get out of the way.)

Step 3

Jump mount step 3, almost soloing

Holding the board with the finger tips so that you can be as erect as possible, look up at the point on the spotter that you will grab. This fixes where the safety net is. Jump as before, grabbing only to save life and limb.

Spotter Notes: You must be ready to grab - some people will not remember to grab you. Stand with your forearms parallel to the floor and elbows out creating a long "railing" to grab.

We have safely taught hundreds of people the jump mount using this method.

  1. Always read this list before each attempt until you are soloing.
  2. Center the board on the roller before starting.
  3. Start with your feet the correct width apart.
  4. Land going straight down on the board - not forwards.
  5. Look your feet all the way onto the board.

Note: Do not spend much time riding the board during this drill. You are trying to learn a difficult mount, not to do the rola-bola. You must already competent on the rola bola. Do not wear yourself out riding the board. Save that energy to learn the mount.

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